New pass grade for GCSE

When the new numerical system was announced to replace the alphabetical system the troubles were big at the beginning. Teachers were confused about the new standards and how they translate to their familiar scale. The main reason for the introduction of the new system was to raise the pupils’ skills in order to raise the general standards. However, Education Security Justine Greening has recently stated that the standards were similar to the old ones. Despite former statements, where the minimum pass mark was 5 (equivalent to a high C or low B) the new pass mark is going to be  4. Hence, teachers naturally arrive at asking for the purpose of the new system if not to improve general standards. After a complicated and confusing introduction period, the new system is again under attack and victim to a lot of confusion.


source: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/3202695/education-secretary-justine-greenings-gcse-reforms-slammed-by-critics-for-dumbing-down-standards/

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