Creativity and data analysis

While most people think that data analysis and creativity are completely the opposite of each other, the modern business world has now found a way to connect both of them. The most wanted skill in the job market are currently data analysis skills. However, most employers also asked for creativity in order to make the best …

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Playtime encourages creative thinking

Creative thinking is one of the most desired skills in the current job markets. Nowadays, companies do not only require analytical thinking and team playing skills but most of all they need innovative individuals who are able to think outside the box. Creativity and learning in children always takes place in break and play time. This …

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Students protest against shut down of Art course

In Falmouth, students were protesting against the shut down of their beloved degree program. Due to financial cuts, the university had decided to pause the course for at least one year. Now, they are discussing a potential reopening after the one year break. Students in the final year of this program are dissatisfied with the …

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Scholarship funded by Beyoncé

In a world where tuition fees for all stages of education are constantly increasing a new form of funding has entered the market: scholarships sponsored by celebrities. The times where stars only donated their money to charities are over. Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and Beyoné amongst many others have announced competition to win scholarships for school …

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Children’s Choir visits Woodland Grove Care Home

The Watoto children’s choir visited the Woodland Grove Care Home as part of their 6-months long UK tour. The choir consists of orphans from Uganda who have lost their parents to war situations or HIV. The positivity of the choir brought new life into the Care Home and was highly appreciated by the residents. Resident …

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Jazz education help students express themselves

In many Asian countries, like Malaysia and China, Jazz is an important part of education, since it helps students express themselves with the help of improvisation. Moreover, Jazz music is also democratic, since all the players have to listen out for each other to keep the harmony going. Everyone gets a turn to improvise and …

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American university investigates science of learning

A team of researchers from various universities was awarded a 4.6 Mio. Dollars grant to look into practical implementation strategies of research into the science of learning. The researchers try to get teachers to make use of the latest finding in learning theories. The implementation takes place across all levels of education, ranging from primary …

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