Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions together with the registration document form a binding contract between “you” (the representative of the school named below) and “us” (Thy English Academy). If you have any questions about these conditions or the registration document, please ask us.

In signing these terms and conditions you understand, accept and agree to be contractually bound by the Thy English Academy Terms and Conditions and registration document.

  1. When will the contract start?

This contract is valid from the day of the return of the signed terms and conditions. From this point of time you will be liable for all agreed costs and expenses outlined below in this document.

  1. Payment Policy

We will request you to pay the full amount 30 working days in advance of the day the service (Thy English Academy Workshop) is provided. Payments can be made by bank transfer or paid in cash, but cannot be made later than 30 days before the service is delivered. By this time the details of the service have to be finalized with the manager of Thy English Academy in terms of required staff, time and date and can no longer be changed unless authorized otherwise in written by management of Thy English Academy.

  1. Late payment

If you fail to make payments due under this contract, we may contact a Debt Collection agency or other organization to help us get payment from you. We will only do this after we have written to you (at the postal address we have in our records) asking for payment. We will add a fee of 30 Pounds to the amount you owe to cover our reasonable administration costs if we contact a debt collection agency. We will charge this fee each time we contact a debt collection agency, unless the missed payments are your bank’s fault. We also have the right to deny our service until you have paid the full amount you owe (including any administration fees) and the right to take legal action to claim the amount you owe.

  1. Cancellation

We cannot accept any cancellation by the time the payment is received and no refund can be guaranteed. You have the right to withdraw from this contract before any time before payments are made.

  1. How you should contact us

You must send any written notice or completed and signed forms by post or e-mail (info@thyenglishacademy.co.uk), through our website or post via recorded delivery to the company's office address (Turnpike House,1208-1210 London Road, Leigh-on-sea, SS9 2UA).

  1. Your personal information

We take the privacy of our clients seriously. This paragraph explains the ways in which we use your personal information. If you have any request about your personal information, please contact us. We will collect personal information from you through your registration form, other documents provided by us or through your involvement with us, including information you provide for or during our services are delivered. This information we collect may relate to your current educational level or the one of any other people worked with during the delivery of our service.

We can keep, for a reasonable time, copies of all documents and information you have provided as part of your registration and as our client, even if we refuse your registration or if the contract does not come into action. This includes information about your school and educational levels of the students. We will keep all the information confidential and we will not reveal it to anyone else (other than an organization which takes over our business or to which we transfer our rights and obligations under this contract) or use it for marketing purposes.

We may give your information to our business partners, those who take over our business and suppliers we ask to provide services on our behalf which relate to this contract (including a credit reference agency or other organizations we ask to recover payments from you).

For more details about how we collect, use and share data, please send an email to info@thyenglishacademy.co.uk.

  1. Marketing

We would like to keep you updated by post or electronical methods (for example, email, SMS…) about our special offers, products and services that we think may be of interest for you. Please confirm that you are happy with this by ticking the relevant box.


We would also like to send you details of, and share your information with other carefully selected companies and organizations so that they may send you marketing information about their special offers, products and services which may be of interest to you. They may send this information by post or electronic methods (for example email, SMS…). Please confirm that you are happy with this by ticking the relevant box.


We would like to display pictures and videos taken during the workshops showing you, the students or the school building on our website, within emails, on posters and leaflets. Please confirm that you are happy with this by ticking the relevant box.


Please note that you should read and understand the terms and conditions, the registration form and any other documents before signing these conditions. If there is anything in any of these documents that you do not understand, please ask us for an explanation before you sign below.

By signing these conditions you accept and agree to them and will be contractually bound by Thy English Academy Terms and Conditions for Thy English Academy Workshops.

The contract between you and us will come into force when you sign these conditions (even if a Thy English Academy representative is not named or does not sign here).

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