Thy English Academy

Thy English Academy is a Maths and English tuition services for children aged 4 – 16 years. The Academy also provide 1:1 private tuition at home and workshops in libraries around East London, West London and Essex. Our specialists courses include 7+ and 11+ common entrance examinations for Independent schools and 11+ Grammar schools in London and Essex.

A Warm Welcome

Students at our academy are deeply nurtured and supported in preparation for selective examinations and establish confidence by honing their skills while developing fundamental learning disciplines.

Creative Workshops

Our creative workshops are innovative and designed to entertain in addition to inspiring individuals; promoting impactful messages; team building and making real improvements in the community and working or learning environment.

Meet our Tutors


Miss Nadia Mansoor

Manager and Tutor
Experience 9 years (in Nov 2019)

Mr William D Goodwin

Mr William D Goodwin

English Tutor
Experience 15 years (in Nov 2019)


Mrs I. Ahmed

Maths Tutor
Experience 5 years (in Nov 2019)

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