Thy English Academy

    Thy English Academy love learning as much as teaching. The residential online tutoring services are in Maths and English, in 1:1 or groups of 1:3 to ensure the highest quality and impact from the lessons. Thy English Academy’s online home-school Tutors are qualified teachers with experience in delivering the national curriculum for children aged 4 – 16 years.

    Our uniquely designed courses enable students to prepare with a trained Tutor for the 7+ and 11+ common entrance exams for Independent and 11+ Grammar schools, from any part of the UK.

    The Academy also deliver tutoring service compatible with the school premium to state primary and secondary school in England with online courses from School Tutors. The 20 hour program encourages impactful engagement between tutor, teacher and students and is focused on meeting individual attainment targets through 1:1 or 1:3 groups. School Maths and English Tutors are regularly trained by the Academy and are a solid TEAm of graduates or like-for-like subject experienced, native speaking people with a genuine care and interest in a child’s education and future.

    A Warm Welcome

    Students at our academy are deeply nurtured and supported in preparation for selective examinations and establish confidence by honing their skills while developing fundamental learning disciplines.

    English Workshops

    Our English storytelling and illustration school workshops are innovative and designed to entertain in addition to inspiring individuals; promoting effective and meaningful messages; team building and making real improvements in the community and working or learning environment.

    Meet our Tutors


    Miss Nadia Mansoor

    Manager and Tutor
    Experience 9 years (in Nov 2019)

    Mr William D Goodwin

    Mr William D Goodwin

    English Tutor
    Experience 15 years (in Nov 2019)


    Mrs I. Ahmed

    Maths Tutor
    Experience 5 years (in Nov 2019)

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