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Tuition Membership Prices

Tuition in English and Maths are held in small groups for one and a half hours. Key Stage 1 and 2 students are allocated to either 7+ 11+ or SATs lessons, Key Stage 3 to 13+ and Key stage 4 students are in the GCSE group. Children will be assigned to the relevant level following an assessment and consultation with the Tutor and Parent. Any Parents looking to provide additional support in their child’s school education, such as homework or personalised guidance, can obtain 1:1 private tuition services.

Group Age National Curriculum/ISEB
7+ 11+ or SATs Age 4 to 11 EY, Key Stage 1 and 2
13+ Age 11 to 13 Key Stage 3
GCSE Age 14 to 16 Key Stage 4

Parents often ask us, “when is the best time for my child to join?”

We believe, truthfully, it is never too late nor too early to develop learning. Providing children with the support now, rather than procrastinating, encourages discipline and the time necessary to build on confidence. Application of knowledge is a skill. Thy English Academy understand how children learn. Our teachers work towards getting the best out of our students and are a team with like-minded parents.

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