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Tuition with the “Merton Best New Business Finalist”

As many of you already know, Thy English Academy was nominated for the finale of the Merton Best New Business Award. We are extremely proud and grateful and more determined than ever before to help more students from all sorts of backgrounds. No matter if you hadn’t had tuition before or fear that you won’t …

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Our Service Standards

Have you checked out our Service Standards at Thy English Academy, yet? Our teaching methods are based on inspiration, knowledge and creativity. Combined with passion for the subjects we teach as well as motivation for the development of children, we operate a successful tuition company that has your child’s well-being in its best interest. A …

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Outstanding SATs results for local students

Students from Ongar Primary School have scored above average in all subjects, including reading, writing and maths. While the natural average was between 61 and 75 per cent In reading and maths, these students reached a total of around 82 per cent. The school is getting a new head teacher in September who is already …

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Punishment for leaking exam papers

When a dad leaked information about the content of the 11+ paper earlier this year, teachers, parents and students were shocked alike. The entire year had to sit the exam again and students were furious about the extra effort they had to take. The man responsible for the re-sit, now has to take responsibility for …

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Creativity and data analysis

While most people think that data analysis and creativity are completely the opposite of each other, the modern business world has now found a way to connect both of them. The most wanted skill in the job market are currently data analysis skills. However, most employers also asked for creativity in order to make the best …

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Crowdfunding for schools

After the all the cuts that have been affecting the school system in the past years, parents are desperate enough to turn to crowdfunding platforms to collect money for basic school needs. These include whiteboards and other standard inventory for classrooms. The National Audit office states that the education system is not protected from further …

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Feedback at Thy English Academy

We always strive to improve our services at Thy English Academy. To do so, we need feedback from you! In case you have noticed something which you really like at Thy English Academy or have ideas how we could improve, please let us know! This policy is implemented at all levels. We value feedback from employees, …

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Scholarship funded by Beyoncé

In a world where tuition fees for all stages of education are constantly increasing a new form of funding has entered the market: scholarships sponsored by celebrities. The times where stars only donated their money to charities are over. Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and Beyoné amongst many others have announced competition to win scholarships for school …

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Change through election?

In the past seven years, funding for the education system has decreased progressively. The labour party  is taking up this concern of many parents and teachers and holds it against the Conservative government. They promise to increase corporation tax from 19% to 26% by 2021/22 in order to give the education system an extra boost …

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