Change through election?

In the past seven years, funding for the education system has decreased progressively. The labour party  is taking up this concern of many parents and teachers and holds it against the Conservative government. They promise to increase corporation tax from 19% to 26% by 2021/22 in order to give the education system an extra boost of 20 billion pound a year. Mr Jeremy Corbyn says: “People of all ages are being held back by a lack of funding for education, and this in turn is holding back the economy by depriving industry of the untapped talent of thousands of people.”

We believe that while this discussion is of utmost importance, the focus should always be on what is best for children, no matter which party is able to offer that. Politicians often forget that the children’s needs should always be the main interest of any strategy.

source: http://www.helensburghadvertiser.co.uk/news/15276107.Education_takes_centre_stage_in_election_as_Tories_attacked_on_school_funding/

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