The role of education in the campaigns

The YouGov survey had found that one of the main concerns about yesterday’s elections was the relevance of education as a topic in the parties’ campaigns. 43% of parents asked stated that they were more likely to vote for the party who promises to tackle financial gaps in the education systems first and best. They …

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Education within the election campaigns

Education remains one of the most important topics for many families in the UK. Baring that in mind parties use the education topic to foster their campaigns. By promising to increase the budget spent on schools and teachers, politicians try to gain votes for their campaigns. Summed up, the Conservatives promise an increase of 4 billion pounds by …

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Change through election?

In the past seven years, funding for the education system has decreased progressively. The labour party  is taking up this concern of many parents and teachers and holds it against the Conservative government. They promise to increase corporation tax from 19% to 26% by 2021/22 in order to give the education system an extra boost …

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