Theatre – Not worth studying?!

The house of lords is currently working on a case study investigating connections between the build up of the education system and the theatre industry. Slowly it is becoming clear, they say, that the skills required for a job in this area are not learnt at school. Hence, starting of in this field becomes incredibly …

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Art subjects not pushed out of the classroom

A recent study has revealed that art subject are not actually pushed out of the classroom. Despite claims that the English Baccalaureate favors scientific subjects, research has shown that as many students as 4 years ago are taking arts subjects at GCSE. Moreover, it has also been shown that those who take arts exams at …

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Bancroft’s School celebrates Taal

At the end of December Bancroft’s school has celebrated the 14th Taal initiated by the Hindu, Sikh Buddhist and Muslim Society. The central theme to the fete is enjoying the beat of life. 200 pupils were performing dance, music and drama to an amazed crowd. Students of Bancroft’s say they would not be able to …

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