Ofsted to use social media

Ofsted considers using social media like Facebook or Twitter to detect a decline of a school’s performance quicker in order to be able to react to it as fast as possible. While high standard schools are not visited by an inspector on a regular basis, mentioning on online platforms of the schools could help inspectors notice changes quicker and schedule in visitations. However, teachers, on the other hand side, argue that gossip could alter Ofsted’s view on the school without any objective measurements being made. Headmasters fear that negative posts about the school by angry teenagers could shed bad light on the school. Nevertheless, Ofsted highlights that social media posts will only be considered evidence for an earlier visit but never constitute a criteria by themselves.

source: https://www.theguardian.com/education/2017/mar/31/ofsted-considers-using-social-media-to-monitor-schools

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