“Upgrade” the life of Indian children

It is widely known that there are wide gaps in the Indian educational system. One ambitious young man, Rippan Dutta, has made it his goal to make a change. After graduating from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology in Bombay in 2015, rather than spending more time doing a Masters program, he decided to jump start his career. He spent 2230 Dollars on a course which made him qualified as a product developer. The issue he had at art was changing the lives of lower socio economic class children’s education. Since there are not enough tutors, Upgrade, a venture for educational technology, has tried to change that. Rippan joined Upgrade and together with experts in the field, they created a virtual tutor program which can automatically provide kids with lessons who would otherwise not get teaching. Of course, the virtual tutor cannot make up for a real teacher, but it definitely is a good solution for poorer areas in India.

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