Yoga – a MUST in education

Jaelithe Leigh-Brown proposes to include Yoga and meditation in everyday lessons. Although this idea seems very unusual at first, there is a reason for her proposal. Nowadays, people are always on-call and never offline. They are constantly in working mode from a very early age on. Hence, students as young as 10 years old can feel stressed and pressured because of school issues. Many students report that preparing for the 11+ entrance exam is extremely stressful and often results in endless worries. Hence, Jaelithe recommends to start doing yoga and meditation as soon as possible. By taking time to overthink your situation and calming yourself down, the students will not only be able to learn faster, but will also engage more in lessons and enjoy it more. Yoga can have a positive impact on everyone, no matter which age. If yoga will ever be included in the curriculum is unsure, however, every parent can take the first step themselves and show their child a way to relaxe and completely calm down.



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