Taking art education seriously

“Those who can, do; those can’t, teach”. This is one of the most common misconceptions of teaching at art schools according to Jennifer Tuckett at Central Saint Martins. “I just do it for the money”; a statement that Jennifer has heard a lot since she started working in her current role as organizer of the MA Dramatic writing course. Teachers do not spend enough time on preparing their lessons because they actually only want to spend time on writing their novels. However, since tuition fees have increased steeply, Jennifer believes that students should get more for their money that is often earned by the students themselves or comes out of tuition loans. The first step to change this, is by making clear to the world that the creative industry is to be taken seriously and is a scientific subject with a solid theoretic background. As long as the public does not adapt this view, teachers will keep doing it “just for the money”.


source: http://www.whatsonstage.com/london-theatre/news/how-do-we-improve-arts-education_43556.html

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