A scholarship literally changed my life

In a recent guardian article, Stephenie Jimenez tells the story of how a scholarship has changed her life. While she grew up in Queens, New York as a child of a migrant family, she did not go to a public school like all the other children in the Neighbourhoud but went to a Private school on the Upper East side. Her parents had come to New York because her dad expected that in America everyone can be whatever they want as long as they worked hard for it. However, the experience that Stephenie made was completely different. She was caught between two worlds. For a long time she could not understand why only she out of all the children in Queens was awarded a scholarship to one of the most prestigious schools in New York. The official reason was, that she was smart and talented. However, Stephenie is sure that  many other children in her neighbourhood were just as smart. As an adult, she drew her final conclusion about what made her the woman she is now. It was simply luck and lucky circumstances. To read the full article, please follow the link provided below:


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