Redbridge schools score high in new progress 8 GCSE league tables

The newly introduced progress 8 GCSE league table looks at the best 8 grades in GCSE across the country. Redbridge schools were ranked 10th out of 150 schools across the UK. In particular, Woodford County High School scored 0.73 with 99% of pupils getting at least 5 A*s. The results can indeed be indicatory for the students further life. The second best results in Redbridge were achieved by Valentines High School in Ilford. Their students scored 67% better than the national average. Conclusively, all head teachers are proud of the pupil’s results. They highlight that the results were well deserved after years of hard work. Redbridge Council is delighted that the results show what has already been apparent to the community in Redbridge – Redbridge students are outstanding.

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