Human calculator at Noon Ul Islam Primary School, Leyton

Qasim Salahudeen, an 11-year old student at Noon Ul Islam Primary School, belongs to the top 6% of students nationwide. The little man beat 250.000 peers in a nation wide Maths test. His father states that he always knew his son was special. He could solve jigsaw 3D puzzle when he was a toddler without any problems. Next year Qasim is going to sit the GCSE and soon after his teachers are expecting him to take A-levels. The headmaster Majid Ishaque is happy that the teachers recognized his talent and made sure he was never bored. Nevertheless his parents leave it up to him if he wants to go to university early on or if he would rather stay with his friends. Because – they say – in the end it is about growing to a good human being and not just a genius.

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