Teacher files petition for fairer SATs

A teacher at Tadworth Primary school, who has spent several years in China, files a petition for the SATs to become fairer. He criticizes that students with spelling difficulties might become limited in their creativity. Students might avoid difficult words when dreading to lose marks because of spelling. Hence, their creativity is severly limited. Mister Kelly highlights that by no means he is saying that spelling isn’t important. The only thing that he is saying, is that creativity is also extremely important and the system should do everything possible to support this creativity. Mister Kelly says that SATs overall are outdated since teachers should be able to tell the learning stage of any student at any time anyways.

source: http://www.yourlocalguardian.co.uk/news/15244991.Headteacher_launches_petition_calling_on_the_government_to_make____stifling____SATs_fairer/

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