Racism amongst pupils

Since Brexit was officially announced, Racism seems to become more and more tolerated within the British society. Verbally or physical assault against people from a different origin is not only wrongly becoming more and more acceptable amongst adults, but also students show discrimination against their fellow students. Hence, teachers are asked to pay attention to violent behavior, especially against children from different backgrounds. Reker Ahmid, a 17 – year – old Kurdish Iranian boy was attacked in Croydon, being only one of many victims of racism. The teaching of rightful behavior is a key priority in education and thus teachers cary a great role in the right upbringing of students to become educated citizens. Together, we will be able to decrease the amount of incidents due to racism by educating students about equality.

source: https://www.theguardian.com/education/2017/apr/04/uk-teachers-share-your-experiences-of-racism-in-the-classroom

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