6-year old girls aware of gender equality

A study, published in January has shown that children as young as the age of 6 years are aware of their perceived life chances. The study performed by The New York University showed that when girls reach the age of six they are already classifying themselves differently from their male classmates. The researchers asked five-year-olds to categorize people in their surrounding in different intelligence-categories. While these children did not make any difference between boys and girls, 6-year-olds on average put more boys in the “really smart” category than girls. This shows that children at this age are already primed at perceiving themselves as inferior to their male peers. These results are shocking and draw once more attention to gender inequality.

source: http://www.standard.co.uk/news/education/girls-aged-six-believe-brilliance-is-male-trait-research-finds-a3451381.html

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