Children in Walthamstow run against homelessness

A 49-year-old teaching assistant at Coppermill Primary School in Walthamstow is planning to run two Marathons in April and May. Kare Reed, is running the London Marthon and the Milton Keynes Marathon to raise awareness for homelessness in London and to raise money to tackle this issue. When the children heard about their teacher’s idea, they wanted to support her. Hence, the children ran one mile per day for 26 days in order to help her raise more money. Ms. Reed highlights that since the children ranging from age 6 to 11 have started running daily, they are more focused in class and they have an opportunity to get rid of their energy. The most important lesson that Ms. Reed wants to pass on, except for kindness and compassion, is to go beyond your limits and surprise yourself with what you can do.


source: http://www.guardian-series.co.uk/news/15187036.On_your_marks__Pupils_sign_up_to_help_teacher_run_marathon_for_homeless_charity/

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