Childline overwhelmed by huge amount of calls

Childline, a hotline which can be called by students who struggle and have no-one else to talk to, reports an enormous number of calls due to exam stress. 22% of annual calls are accepted in May, where most exams take place. Students seem to have no one to talk to and the only chance for them to release some pressure is to call the help line. Although it is great that students do call, Childline workers are worried since they do not have any support in their environment. Children report to suffer from anxiety and panic attacks because of the exam pressure. 3000 counselling sessions just on exam stress were held during this academic year.

source: http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/exam-stress-causing-thousands-of-children-to-require-childline-counselling_uk_59146323e4b066b4217191af

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