Stay healthy over Christmas

The East London NHS Foundation Trust is highlighting how stressful Christmas can be if you host the family dinner. To make sure youkeep healthy they have put together a few easy points to follow.

  1. Plan your all Christmas meals in advance, list each item and task to be in control.

2. Give family members jobs to do. Allocate dishes or contributions to guests, and spread the cost too.

3. Decide who you want to help you – and politely keep others out of the kitchen.

4. Get plenty of sleep – these celebrations are a major operation and you won’t cope if tired! Record favourite programmes to watch later.

5. Remember, it’s only a meal. It’s not the end of the world if the sprouts get burnt or if you forget something.

6. Postpone alcoholic drinks to be alert and organised.

7. If there has been previous conflict at family gatherings, don’t leave it to chance. Alcohol can loosen tongues and make guests argumentative or less tolerant. Talk to everyone about committing to having a calm day, avoiding ‘hot topics,’ and being polite.

8. Get everyone out for a walk, fresh air and some exercise.

9. Don’t spend money you don’t have in the sales and end up fretting about money in 2017.

10. Make time to play with the youngsters in your family. Let them thrash you at a board game or show you how their new toy or gismo works. The festive period is when treasured memories can be made and fondly remembered.


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