Keeping Minds Active from Home

We are E-school ready with live Tutorials from Monday 23rd March at 9 am.

While schools close for the foreseeable future from tomorrow (20.03.20), we’re implementing community support features now with e-learning resources.

Join our live tutorials from Monday keep children enjoying lessons from the safety and comfort of home. We will keep familiar faces on screen too so it’ll be just like being in the classroom with peers and Tutors.

For more information on how to access e-learning tools send us a message to info@thyenglishacademy.co.uk and we’ll help you get the support you need for your family.

We will meet the community’s demands but ask for your patience and humility towards everybody’s loss and needs at such overwhelming times.

We believe in healthier and happier times ahead. Let’s awaken and grow our minds together that way.

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