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Thy English Academy offer additional Maths Tuition to children aged 7 to 16 inWanstead, South Woodford and Walthamstow and surrounding areas for more information on our Maths Tutoring service read below:

Mathematics has developed over centuries, producing solutions to universal problems. It is a creative and liberating subject that enables us to tackle daily calculations and measures. Mental fluency, application of methods and consistent rehearsal are the foundational skills practised at The Maths School.

Pupils are encouraged to challenge obstacles in their learning process by understanding the principles required to create solutions. The idea of using logical reasoning produces versatility in this programme of study.

The Maths School work with young minds and are committed to bringing out the best in every child. Our teachers help pupils familiarise the mathematical language and numbers to strengthen their confidence in everyday life.

Unparalled Tuition

For many pupils, Maths can be daunting and frustrating purely because children find it challenging to grasp a creative relationship with the subject and the concept of seeing maths as a solution to problems. Our teachers use classical methods to help pupils build the foundational skills to approach abstract information and teach them principally how to navigate through them.

Whether the objective is to support a pupils homework, 11+ or GCSE success, our bespoke resources provide essential learning material for the relevant fields. Once pupils understand maths, it becomes very simple as it is essentially following strict ordinate rules and this is what makes maths so enjoyable. Our aim is to explain these rules, step by step so that pupils can learn that maths is indeed fun.

Practice Makes Perfect

Grades are undoubtedly important. We prioritise personal development that comes with learning maths by using multiple testing and monitoring strategies which combine the efforts in class and at home to produce positive results in school and examinations.

Learning to apply the right concepts in the right task helps pupils develop their critical thinking as well as their skills in judgement and perception. Repetition of questions helps to fortify their existing knowledge in establishing a sense of strong will and determination to succeed. Writing structured notes when working out answers promotes discipline and exponentially increases their level of concentration.

The little things contribute towards the bigger picture; we adopt this nature of attention to the finer details into all pupils who come to study with us at the Academy.

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